HopiBon.nl offers with its online rental management platform a reliable, transparent and fully digital solution, where both the tenant & landlord is completely unburdened. The initiators of HopiBon.nl have their years of experience in managing their own residential real estate.



Uiteraard kun je bij ons terecht voor het huren van één studentenkamer in een huis gesitueerd in je favoriete wijk/ plaats of je meest ideale type woning.


Garage boxes

We also rent different garage boxes, these boxes are ideal for storing a motor or car. They are spacious and are located on a site with video surveillance.



You can find apartments / houses in different types, so that everyone can come to us for a suitable home. The locations are very diverse.


Storage boxes

We also offer different storage boxes, these boxes are ideal if you just have too little space for your stuff and want to put it somewhere.